Mark-10 Series 5I Advanced Force / Torque Indicator
Mark-10 Series 5I Advanced Force / Torque Indicator
Price: $850.25
Mark-10 Series 5I Advanced Force / Torque Indicator with USB Output & Software

7,000 Hz sampling rate

0.1% accuracy

1,000 point data memory and statistics

USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs
The 5I is designed to work with a wide range of Mark-10 remote force and torque sensors. With exclusive Plug & TestTM technology, all calibration and configuration data is saved within the sensors smart connector, not the indicator, allowing for true interchangeability. Sensor password protection prevents use of an unauthorized sensor. In addition, all sensors are fully compatible with the more basic 3i force / torque indicator. The 5i shares its menu structure and most specifications with Series 5 digital force gauges. The sampling rate is a blazing fast 7,000 Hz, producing accurate results even for quick-action tests. A large, backlit graphics LCD displays large, legible characters, while the simple menu navigation allows for quick access to the indicators many features and configurable parameters. Data can be transferred to a PC or data collectors via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic), or analog outputs. On-board data memory for up to 1,000 readings is included, as are statistical calculations with output to a PC. Integrated set points with indicators and outputs are ideal for pass-fail testing and for triggering external devices such as an alarm, relay, or test stand. An analog load bar is shown on the display for graphical representation of applied force or torque. The 5is averaging mode addresses the need to record the average load over time, while external trigger mode makes switch activation testing simple and accurate. The 5i includes MESURTM Lite data acquisition software. MESURTM Lite tabulates continuous or single point data. Data saved in the indicators memory can also be downloaded in bulk. One-click export to Excel easily allows for further data manipulation.

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