Imada DST-220 Digital Force Gauge DST, 220 lbs / 100 Kg / 1000 N Capacity

Price: $ 845.00

Imada DST Digital Force Gauge
Imada DST Digital Force Gauge with Output
Accuracy 0.2%
Measure force in lbs, Kgs or N
7 Ranges up to 220 lbs
USB and RS-232C outputs

The Imada DST Digital Force Gauge are simple-to-use basic gauges featuring user-friendly menu operation. Selections including unit and measuring mode can be locked to prevent accidental changes.

The large backlit LCD display can be configured in basic format to show value, unit and measuring mode or multi-line format to display peak and real time values simultaneously. Additional features include reversible display and high/low setpoints with OK indicator for Go/No Go testing.

The gauges have a 30,000/sec sampling rate. Collect the data via USB or RS-232 connections with the Force Logger or SW-1X software (both optional).

DST gauges are powered by rechargeable Ni-MH batteries or the AC adapter/charger. The batteries are user replaceable and can also be charged using USB ports or USB portable chargers.


  • Backlit LCD display with user-friendly menus
  • Setting security lock prevents accidental changes
  • Ergonomic, durable, heavy-duty metal construction
  • 30,000/sec sampling rate
  • Selectable real time or peak mode operation
  • Programmable High/Low setpoints with OK indicator
  • USB and RS-232C output
  • Push-button tare function
  • Overload capacity 200% F.S.; display flashes at overload limit
  • Runs on internal Ni-MH batteries (user replaceable) or AC adapter; charge with USB port or portable charger
  • DST kit includes set of six attachments, AC charger/adapter, calibration cert traceable to NIST and carrying case.


Measuring PrincipleBidirectional force sensor with strain gauge
Accuracy 0.2% F.S., 1 LSD
Sampling Rate30,000/second
A/D Converter16 bit
SetpointsProgrammable high/low setpoints with OK indicator
DisplayLCD, 4 digits
Selectable UnitsN, gf (kgf), lbf (ozf)
Display Update Rate8 times/sec.
Overload Alarm200 % full scale
Alarm signal at 90 % full scale
Alarm signal and flashing display at 110 % full scale
OutputsUSB, RS-232C
Battery LifeApprox. 30 hours backlight off
Approx. 14 hours backlight on
4.5 hours required for full charge
Battery IndicatorBattery icon displays three levels of charge
Power SupplyRechargeable NiMH batteries (approx. 30 h continuous use without background light, approx. 14 h with background light, approx. 4.5 h charging time). Charging occurs with AC adapter or by connection via USB cable to a PC or a mobile battery.
Housing MaterialDie-cast aluminium
Mounting threads for test stand4 x M4, Depth 8 mm
Plug GaugeM6 Male Thread
Operating Temperature32 to 100F (0 to 40C)
Air Humidity20 80 % RH
Dimensions181 x 72 x 32 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross)Approx. 460 g (approx. 1300 g)
Warranty2 Years



DST-0.47.000 ozf
200.0 gf
2.000 N
0.001 ozf
0.1 gf
0.001 N
DST-118.00 ozf
500.0 gf
5.000 N
0.01 ozf
0.1 gf
0.001 N
DST-44.400 lbf
2.000 kgf
20.00 N
0.001 lbf
0.001 kgf
0.01 N
DST-1111.00 lbf
5.000 kgf
50.00 N
0.01 lbf
0.001 kgf
0.01 N
DST-4444.00 lbf
20.00 kgf
200.0 N
0.01 lbf
0.01 kgf
0.1 N
DST-110110.0 lbf
50.00 kgf
500.0 N
0.1 lbf
0.01 kgf
0.1 N
DST-220220.0 lbf
100.0 kgf
1000 N
0.1 lbf
0.1 kgf
1 N

Optional Accessories

Force Logger (optional)
Available to users who need to collect peak data. Please inquire.

SW-1 Data Acquisition Software (optional)
Capture and analyze real-time data from any Imada gauge with a USB or RS-232 port directly into any Windows program. Log measurements and generate a profile graph plus statistical information. Control the gauge functions from your computer.

DB-1 Data Input Button (optional)
DB-1 is a compact, one channel interface that enables users to send measurement data to a PC running SW-1X, Imada data acquisition software or other software. The data input button zeros the gauge after sending data to the PC eliminating the need to reset manually.

OH-1 Handle (optional)
Facilitates measurement of heavy loads.

Standard Attachments


Complete Kit

All DTS gauges are sold in a complete kit with gauge, hard plastic carrying case, a set of six standard attachments, NIST Traceable Calibration Cert, Instruction Manual and AC adapter/charger

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Product Price
Imada DST-220 Digital Force Gauge DST, 220 lbs / 100 Kg / 1000 N Capacity $845.00
Accessories Price
SW-1X Data Transfer and Analysis Software $199.00
ISO-17025 - Certificate and Test Data $160.00
OH-1 Handle for digital Force Gauges $85.00
CB-203 RS-232 Serial Output Cable $75.00
DB-1X Data Input Button for 1 input $145.00
ADU 100/120 Replacement AC Adapater / Power Supply, 115V $55.00
ADU 230 Replacement AC Adapater / Power Supply, 220V $55.00



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