Imada ZTA-0.4 ELD Advanced Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit - 7 ozf Capacity

Price: $ 1,398.00

Imada ZTA Series Digital Force Gauge
Supplied with Heavy-Duty Wedge Grips

Imada ZTA-Series Digital Force GaugeAdds Displacement Output with Compatible Stands and Data output Direct to Flash drive

Easy-to-use menusmake programming simple in eight languages. Select units, reverse display, set high/low setpoints, and all other functions in plain language.

Electroluminescent display (ELD)shows force value, unit, and peak, and can be configured with additional user-selectable data including memory data, +NG count, high/low setpoints, 1st and 2nd peaks, displacement value (using atest stand with FA option), etc.

Color-coded LED indicatorsalert the user to Go/NoGo conditions. Orange lights for less than low setpoint, green lights between high and low, and red for over the high.

Process and transmit 2,000 actual data per second,not just the peak from a high sampling rate. Optional Force Recorder data acquisition software is designed to process up to 2,000 data per second.

Display force and displacement dataon ZTA gauges with test stands equipped with FA option.

Save data to USB flash drives.Export peak data or capture continuous data at 100 data/second to flash drives with ZTA force gauges.

ZT Logger data acquisition softwaredownloads data from the gauge memory or captures a continuous stream of data at 10 data/second. Zero the gauge or capture data while at the computer. All gauge programming can be set and saved from the software.

Kit Contents

  • Imada ZTA-Series Digital Force Gauge
  • Set of 8 attachments (small hook, large hook, y-hook, flat, cone, chisel, notched and extension)
  • ZT Logger data acquisition software
  • USBcable
  • AC adapter/charger
  • Calibration cert traceable to NIST
  • Carrying case


  • Electroluminescent display (ELD) is highly visible in dark locations
  • USB (virtual COM port), RS-232C, Digimatic and Analog outputs
  • Processes and transmits 2,000 data/sec.
  • Internal Ni-MH batteries or AC adapter
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip grips, heavy duty metal construction
  • Real time and peak mode (selectable)
  • Overload capacity 200% F.S.
  • Overload alarm and output signal
  • Multi-langauge program menus: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese
    lbf, kgf, and N units are selectable
  • Color-coded LED indicators and output signal for Go/No Go testing
  • Export gauge memory or save continuous data to USB flash drives (ZTA Models only)
  • Display force and displacement data with FA test stand (ZTA Models only)
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • External switch display hold and clear
  • Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate


Accuracy 0.2% F.S., 1 LSD
Selectable Unitslbf(ozf), kgf(gf) or Newtons
Overload Capacity200% of F.S. (Overload indicator flashes beyond 110% of F.S.)
PowerRechargeable Ni-MH battery pack or AC adapter
Battery IndicatorIndicates three charge states high, med and low
MemoryNon-volative, recall up to 1,000 data
SetpointsProgrammable high/low setpoints w/ color-coded LEDs & output signal
OutputsOutputs USB (virtual COMport), RS-232C, Digimatic and 2 VDC analog output
Operating Temperature32 to 100 F (0 to 40 C)
Warranty2 Years

Force Ranges

ZTA-0.47.00 ozf | 200.0 gf | 2.000 N0.01 ozf | 0.1 gf | 0.001 N
ZTA-118.00 ozf | 500.0 gf | 5.000 N0.01 ozf | 0.1 gf | 0.001 N
ZTA-44.400 lbf | 2.000 kgf | 20.00 N0.001 lbf | 0.001 kgf | 0.01 N
ZTA-1111.00 lbf | 5.000 kgf | 50.00 N0.01 lbf | 0.001 kgf | 0.01 N
ZTA-4444.00 lbf | 20.00 kgf | 200.0 N0.01 lbf | 0.01 kgf | 0.01 N
ZTA-110110.0 lbf | 50.00 kgf | 500.0 N0.1 lbf | 0.01 kgf | 0.01 N
ZTA-220220.0 lbf | 100.0 kgf | 1000 N0.1 lbf | 0.1 kgf | 1 N
ZTA-550550.0 lbf | 250.0 kgf | 2500 N0.1 lbf | 0.1 kgf | 1 N
ZTA-11001100 lbf | 500.0 kgf | 5000 N1 lbf | 0.1 kgf | 1 N

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Product Price
Imada ZTA-0.4 ELD Advanced Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit - 7 ozf Capacity $1,398.00
Accessories Price
ISO-17025 ISO/IEC 17025 Certificate & Test Data $286.00
OH-1 Handle for digital Force Gauges $136.50
CB-108 Analog Cable $108.00
CB-208 RS-232 Cable $108.00
CB-308 Digimatic Cable $108.00
ZT-RL Force Recorder Software - Light Edition $372.00
ZT-RS Force Recorder Software - Standard Edition $515.00
ZT-RP Force Recorder Software - ProEdition $830.00



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